培训与发展 Training and Development

我们的合作伙伴培青培训中心 (202303167755 (003507588-H))是由一位HRDC认证的培训师运营, 成立于2023年。严格恪守职业道德,以专业培训协助学员实现职业目标。

同时,我们提供各种主题的培训计划与研讨会, 以扩大团队成员和客户的知识库,潜在地提升工作能力, 遵守质量标准, 并整体提高绩效。

Our partner TY Training Hub (202303167755 (003507588-H)) is operated by an HRDC Certified Trainer and was established in 2023. It strictly abides by professional ethics and assists members in achieving their career goals through professional training.

Meanwhile, we offer training programs and seminars on various topics to expand the knowledge base of team members and clients, potentially enhancing work capabilities, compliance with quality standards, and overall performance improvement.

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